July 01, 2016

Amy R. Hurd said, “Leisure is the unhurried ease provided from the cessation of activities; the ability to relax with no work required and no responsibilities.” Denise M Anderson commented that, “Leisure depends on a participant’s perception.” I love that phrase. The idea is that accuracy is based on each person’s perception and my perception of leisure is that it is about “time.”

April 01, 2016

When I write, there is the opportunity for possibilities to come out of hiding. What possibilities were there for me long ago when I said no to the many opportunities that were presented to me? Finally someone said to me, “Don’t wait.” I say to myself now that there are a multitude of possibilities with any opportunity to which I say yes.

August 02, 2015

When an addict/alcoholic suffers a loss, whether by death or the ending of a relationship, he/she is often unequipped to deal with these painful emotions in a healthy way.  This can often lead an addict/alcoholic back to substance abuse. It is this author’s premise that working through grief issues in a group setting may provide the opportunity to begin the healing process.

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