Humble Peace

In the Recovery, from pretty much anything, we talk about being humble as the only pathway to peace and serenity. It goes against the grain of those who struggle with any addiction and with most people in general.

Being humble seems to bring to mind allowing others to berate and condemn. Like Jesus, who brought the message of Love One Another, and, Those Of You Without Sin Cast The First Stone, being humble truly brings a message of love, kindness and forgiveness.

It talks about going above and beyond those unwilling to change the legacy of pride, greed and hate in their families. Human beings who strive to be humble see the value of life itself; of their own lives.

Self-love, self-care brings to mind being ‘selfish, self focused and self centered’. It is quite the opposite. Without a mentor or guide to show us how to love ourselves, it’s unfamiliar to say to ourselves, “It’s OK, I’m right here, I love you and I’ll never leave you. Everything’s going to be OK.”

Practicing these phrases creates within us this feeling of being, “Oddly Alright”.

When I hear the word humble sometimes ‘humiliation’ comes to mind. And, boy, do I have tons of experience with that. When we are around anyone, friends or family (especially siblings) jealousy brings out the worst in others. The threat of a sibling being a parent’s favorite starts the ball rolling for the rest of our lives of fear of not being enough.

The very good news is that all of us are enough. To ourselves we are enough.

Self worth and value is not based on what others think of us, which is NEWS to everyone! It comes from coming to a point, some bottom of having had enough emotional pain, where one is ready to make a major change.

Being humble means beginning to no longer blame anyone else, but look inside our own self-hate. “What is it about me that I hate so much?!”

Dennis Rodman once said, when he was in Recovery, “Who you are is all you need to be.”

Let’s begin a discussion of what being humble means. Who are those around you who appear that way to you?

Let’s talk about it.

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