My Half of the Tub

Whenever I feel the need to escape from the busyness of this wonderful life I have, there are always apartments in Paris, France to look at.

Settling down with a cup of strong coffee, I have checked out certain websites like ‘Green Acres’ or ‘le figaro’ where studio or one-bedroom apartments list for around 300,000 to 500,000 euro. That’s my price range, in my dreams.

So, I have found the apartment in Paris of my dreams! It is very small, in an ancient building in the 6th arrondissment. This is the area where once many bohemian creatives settled that were mostly from Paris and ex-pats from the US. Hemingway, de Beauvoir and Sartre hung out at all times of the day and night oblivious to anyone around them. They were in their own world of writing, music and art. I want that world too.

Now there are mostly chic boutiques and tourist destinations in this area however, this apartment is hidden from crowds of seekers of the perfect photo. The cobblestone ally ways speak of a time before us filled with like minded souls yearning for freedom from and freedom for their craft.

Anyway, I love being in that area along with the 5th arrondissment where the Pantheon and Sorbonne loom over all that they have surveyed since 1289 and much earlier. The apartment is on the third floor of a walk-up pied-a-terre. It’s so cool! The inside is decorated with comfy overstuffed antique furniture. I would want it kept exactly as the photo show.

Here’s the best part. It comes with an 84-year-old gentleman. Isn’t that the best?! My guess is the apartment has been for sale for as long as it has because this guy won’t move out. This is my kind of guy. He has a stipend from the French government and an agreement that this apartment is his until he dies or moves out of his own accord. I can deal with that.

Why do I even entertain the idea of this? Because, it’s a perfect situation, in my imagination.

In this imaginary world, where I can, and do, go often, I can see a grumpy, older man who speaks no English and can’t stand anyone in his space trying to deal with me desperately wanting him to share his tiny, one-bedroom apartment for weeks at a time.

This is a movie, can’t you just see it? Of course the real estate agent has sent me several emails making sure that I totally understand this dilemma. If I do, she is happy to show me this property when I visit Paris at the end of March. It’s just that there is an old guy that comes with it. She should see me smiling.

Why is this apartment even for sale if there is already a tenant who has his rent paid for by the government? For sure there are a lot of questions to be asked. I will try to inquire all that I should so as not to be impulsive (which is very difficult for me) and research it out thoroughly. I’d rather go see it, decide on it and figure it out later.

I envision this more clearly than I have ever seen anything in my future before. It makes me giggle. I’ll be trying to convince him I’d be great to live with for short periods of time, ask my former husband and grown children. Only my 5-year-old grandson clamors for me to stay with him forever. Go figure. I have a feeling my readers are on this little escape with me! It’s great for a break in my full days of clients and writing.

The Association of American Women in Europe is having me and my writer friend, Pamela Pearce from NYC, present our new books one of the evenings I am there. Her new book is called ‘Widowland’, a collection of amazing poems of her journey through this painful, beautiful time of grief from the loss of her husband.

For my part ‘Everything That’s Been Waiting’, the second book in a three part series of writings is dedicated to some of the most intense emotional situations we all go through. My hope is to start discussions we all need to share. The third book, ‘I’m Not Alone, I’m On My Own’, is in the works.

I can picture sitting in that apartment writing without a care in the world, except for…

I will let you know how this works out. Included in this blog is a photo of the apartment. This is it. This is the one.

Who knows if I can really afford it or not. I’d have to sell my condo here in Pittsburgh first. That’s just a small detail.

All I’m asking for is to sleep on the sofa, or floor and have some bathroom time. I’ll even clean the tub, or my half of it.

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