Doing It My Way

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created It.” ~ Albert Einstein

Why is it that I can’t solve all (or any) of my problems on my own? Why is that we cannot find our answers to life’s alarming questions in isolation? Because we can’t. It doesn’t work that way. We are human beings who are created for connection and belonging.

What is happening in front of our eyes? As we read, and speak, isolation is being fostered by all technological means possible. There will always be a down side to progress and coming up with what I think will solve my own problems is the most dangerous down side of all.

The illusion that asking a phone, robot, Siri, Google question and answering system in my house will solve all my problems today, must be examined over and over again.

We are worth saving as a race, the human race. So much of this has been predicted since computers were being designed and introduced into our lives.

Groceries are delivered, factory jobs replaced by machines, doctors online, home school, working from home and so on. We are together at home more and more, as a family, with no idea how to do that. How does the family function with more time together? Aren’t we creating so many ‘time saving devices’ so we can have more time for something?

The answer seems to be, “Let’s talk about it, together.” One person with another, telling each other what is happening emotionally, mentally and physically to solve personal, professional and spiritual issues.

I am a therapist at a psychological center where the waiting room continues to fill to overflowing with petrified parents and spouses begging for help with their depressed, addicted loved ones.

Hitting bottom appears to be when a person finds himself or herself unable to come up with an answer on their own to solve what their own minds have created. My next best thought got me, finally, reaching out for help and no robot in the office or home will give me what I need. I need you.

Let’s talk about it.

Debra Whittam is the author of “I'm I Going to be Ok?" For any media inquiries or questions please contact:

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