I Love Breathing

I love breathing. It’s interesting how often I forget to breathe,

wondering why I feel anxious and light-headed. It appears that the answer to all my problems today, in each moment, is to take a long, slow, deep breath.

Breathing in, with the intention of filling my lungs with air, expanding as

if filling a balloon, brings my attention back to me. Breathing out slowly

through my mouth as if out through a straw, brings my focus even more

intently to right now. Right now is where everything is okay.

For those moments when I am concentrating on taking the next breath

in and then slowly out, there is no thought other than the next breath.

Nothing is going to happen that I can’t handle, nothing.

What had triggered my shallow breathing minutes ago? I can’t

remember. However, I notice breathing with intention shows that my

breathing has been shallow, short, quick breaths almost to the point

of holding my breath as if waiting for the worst to happen.

All of this can continue on a daily basis bringing chronic anxiety,

clenched jaws, headaches, and dread. Until I bring myself back

to the breath, I will not be okay.

#memior #BehaviorIssues

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