Being Dishonest Is A Learned Behavior To Stay Out Of Trouble

I began to use lying as a coping mechanism as soon as I learned how to speak, or at least shake my head no. The first born child, being the one the parents have the highest expectations of and probably mess up the most, is prone to dishonesty.

When is there ever so many parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents watching every move for a sign of right and wrong? It would be with a first born if with any siblings to follow. Being the first born we also have the acute sense of every facial expression and intonation of their voices to perceive if something is good or not good. We toddlers know, way before knowing the exact words, how not to get into trouble.

We are not born with the ability to lie. We are not born with the Ability to hate either. These are learned behaviors from those who have come before us as a way they survived the possible hell they lived through. If my survival depends on you thinking I’m better than I am, so be it. I have survived, I have learned how to continue surviving and those two elemental skills I have ingrained for further use.

#Addictions #MentalIllness #BehaviorIssues

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