The Challenge to Enjoy Leisure

Each time I attempt to write about the subject of leisure, I go blank. My mind goes back to a time long ago when leisure had an allure of not being occupied. The many definitions of leisure I have found in the multiple sources available to us on the Internet go something like this: ~ Leisure is the unhurried ease provided from the cessation of activities. ~ Leisure is the ability to relax with no work required and no Responsibilities.

From the Park and Recreations Professional Handbook by Amy R. Hurd and Denise M Anderson, 2011: "Leisure depends on a participants perception," I love that phrase. The idea is that accuracy is based on each person’s perception and my perception is leisure is about time. Leisure is a state of mind for me to be free from demands and have unobligated time. There is also a definition of leisure that goes against every fiber of my being.

Leisure is when our feelings of compulsion should be minimal. Not me. If there is freedom from obligations, client schedules and monetary responsibilities, I have the compulsion to ravel and explore. It is completely compulsive, in the moment and fills me with excitement.


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