Don't Wait! There Are Possibilities There

When I write, there is the opportunity for possibilities to come out of hiding. What possibilities were there for me long ago when I said no to the many opportunities that were presented to me. Finally someone said to me, “Don’t wait.” I say to myself now that there are a multitude of possibilities with any opportunity I say yes to.

I miss my missed opportunities that could very well have been the possibilities I dreamt of long ago. I miss my early New York City days where fear eventually kept me stuck and I did not audition. But there were the beautiful feelings of possibilities before the fear came. I could do what I had always dreamt of doing. I was in New York City, the place of possibility in scant opportunities. I remember saying no to an audition, I was afraid. Don’t wait.

I got married, I had children the opportunities were there and sometimes I made the opportunity be a possibility whether others wanted it or not. I realized the opportunities had to come to me. Forcing my possibilities never seemed to work.

My mother passed away and many possibilities were no longer available to me. I didn’t wait though; I went to my first writing workshop.

In hindsight all the pieces fell into place, yet in the moment it is hard for us to see that this opportunity is leading us to the possibility of something great in our lives. Opportunities for writing workshops came. I didn’t have the money or the time. The sage advice of, “Don’t wait” always came to mind.

Sometimes on my own felt too alone on my journey to possibility. A workshop in Paris was an opportunity I said yes to. How would I know back then the possibilities that would flourish from that experience? I wouldn’t. I said yet. I didn’t wait.

My life, looking back, has been a beautiful/horrible sequence of events of opportunities where deep inside my own guide encouraged that I say yes.

The light of opportunity shines all around me and I hear, “Don’t wait, do it now.” A beloved friend presented me with an opportunity for an editor beyond my wildest dreams. The possibility that was so clearly in reach for me from my friend’s point of view brought instant disbelief, which at once became fear. This opportunity would bring the possibility of a lifetime yet, self-doubt was loud within me. “Call her.” said my wonderful friend.

It is only the possibility if I take the action of the opportunity to make it so. And I did.

By calling Judi, I experienced as though in a dream, how an opportunity transforms into the possibility right there in the action I am taking.

Self-doubt chided, “She’ll make fun of your writing. It’s been done before you know?!” Judi didn’t scorn my tender, innermost writings. She loved it.

She said yes to me, we said yes to each other in a commitment where the real possibility became our book, “Am I Going To Be Okay?”

I say ‘our book’ because without the team work and dedication of both of us saying ‘yes’ to this possibility the opportunity would have been lost. Don’t wait.

-Debra Whittam

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