Who Do You Listen To?

"Who do you listen to?" I've been thinking about this question and asking my clients to share with me who they listen to. In their individual sessions and in my Grief Club and Pleaser's Club groups we talked about who we find we listen to the most.

For me, I find I listen to my son and daughter most. I listen to them in a way that is different then when I'm with a client or friends. I hear about their lives, their loves and how it impacts them. From most of my clients,especially in one of the Pleaser's groups yesterday, members shared about listening to their mothers the most. The group members range in age from about mid 30s through 75.

So how are we impacted by who we are still ilstening to? Usually what family members say to us hasn't changed much since we first started listening to them years ago. I listen to my 12 Step support Recovery family members the most. I also listen to my clients and we share experiences that might be helpful to each other. So, I guess, in a way I do listen to myself and ......I'm beginning to like what I hear. I am learning to let go of what I hear that isn't helpful to me. Letting go, however, without judgment or criticism. That takes practice!

Have a wonderful day!

-Debra Whittam

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