Debra Whittam

Debra at University of Oxford


Mom reading to Chet and Katherine lying on her right side on the left side of the sofa 1993-bw

Mom and Me

Mom and Dad wedding photo 1955

Mom and Dad a week before she died

Luisa Roney with Katherine 1992

Josephine Zullo Mastroianni 1965-bw

Grandpa Fabian and Grandma Cecelia 1954

Chet and Katherine 2

Dad, Leon, Bernie, Noreen and Ronnie 2014

Dad and Me

Denise, Diana, Me, Tammy, David, Mom, Dad and Dina

Denise, Me holding David and Diana

Clockwise from youngest in front left   Leon, Ronnie, Bernie, Noreen, Dad

Gabriel Mastroianni 1953

Dad and Me  2013

Chet and Katherine

Thomas and Mary Zullo 1952

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Debra Whittam