This is a powerful book and a very personal one. Debra Whittam is one brave lady to be willing to share her journey from her dysfunctional childhood through alcoholism to health and wholeness. She tells her story well – and her words trigger feelings that go with our own stories, even though they may be very different stories.


Before you start to read this book, you need to know that it may bring up issues for you; it may force you to examine, re-examine, and revise some of the beliefs you have about yourself and the people in your life. You may go through a whole range of emotions: you may laugh; you may cry; you may even get angry. Be open, willing, and prepared to think about what you read.


Debra is an experienced, triumphant adult who is willing to divulge her innermost secrets. She has struggled, worked, and persevered. She has learned how to make things happen for herself. She has shared her knowledge and many valuable lessons acquired on her personal road to success. Stories help us see and understand that other people have gone through similar experiences to ours. Experience is a wise teacher…whether it is our own or someone else’s.


This book encourages each of us to have a better, more meaningful life. It shows us how one woman reclaimed her power. If you put to use the knowledge, guidance, and inspiration she offers, I am confident you will come to recognize the success story that lies within you.

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